How to Bring Your Event to Life!

Planning an event can be overwhelming! But it doesn’t need to be! Ask yourself the following questions to help you bring your next special event to life. 1.) What day and time should my event be? Because timing is everything. 2.) What is the perfect venue? Think location, location, location! Not just for you, but […]

To Crowdfund or Not to Crowdfund? That is the Question!

In recent years, crowdfunding has become all the rage. It started with being a helpful way for non-profits to expand their reach, gain awareness, and secure donations. However, through the last few years it has evolved from non-profits and organizations to everyday individuals trying and succeeding at obtaining monetary backing from those they know and […]

Hey Mr. DJ!

When it comes to choosing a DJ for your event it’s not as simple as choosing someone who knows how to run an iPod. As someone who truly loves music of all types, I want a DJ who not only has an extensive music collection, but one who is lively and can keep my guests […]

Event Planning 101

Planning any size event can be daunting! But don’t fret! We at CEA are here to help! In this blog, you’ll find some simple and helpful tips to make your next event run smoothly! 1.) Start early! – It’s always a good rule of thumb to be earlier than later. You snooze you lose! Well, […]

Tips to Saving Money while Touring

If you’re anything like me, then you are always looking to save money! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! Let’s face it, touring can be expensive! So make the most out of your time on the road with these easy steps… 1.) Bring down the house! – A way to save money is to bring […]

You’ve got Mail

3 TIPS to GET YOUR EMAIL READ RATIO UP! I play music. I send emails to let people know that I play music. What am I doing wrong? As a musician who understands the importance of maintaining a loyal fan base, you know that you have to constantly keep your parrot heads, little monsters, and […]

My Band Rocks! Why Can’t We Get Gigs…?

So you decided to start a band….. How is that going for you? Maybe a better question to ask yourself is why? Why did you start this band, and what is your goal? What is it that you want to accomplish? Before you read anything else on this page, be HONEST with yourself. You are […]

When it’s okay to say “No” to a client or event

Musicians and entertainers have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic; public health measures have made both private and public events few and far between. As Chicago begins to reopen, it is normal as an entertainer to feel both excited to book gigs and nervous about how they might look different. In this unprecedented time in global […]