Five Ways to Get More Instagram Followers For Your Band

Five Ways to Get More Instagram Followers For Your Band

As an artist in today’s world, it is important to stay relevant on social media. One of the most popular platforms right now is Instagram, and bands and musicians can use Instagram to establish their brand, share content about their career, and simply connect with fans. For the most reach and engagement, you’ll want to grow your follower count organically so that more fans will see your content on their feeds. Here are a few ways you can increase your following on Instagram.

1. Have an easily searchable username

Make sure your username is used across all social media and is something relevant to you, like your name or band name. It should also not have numbers or special characters to make it more easily discoverable.

2. Have an interesting bio

Your bio is one of the most customizable aspects of your Instagram page. Make sure your bio includes a link to where you want to drive your Instagram traffic, like a link to your Spotify page or your website.

3. Stay consistent with your posts

You should keep a regular posting schedule for your posts using Instagram’s insights to find out what time is best for you to upload. Doing this will help maintain a consistent experience for your fans. To help with this, you can utilize tools like SproutSocial to plan your posts in advance. Their Instagram scheduling tool can help you stay consistent and see insights like what time is best for you to post based on follower activity. 

4. Share engaging, high quality content

This is easier said than done, but it is important to share content that draws in new followers. Your content should be intriguing and make potential followers want more so that they hit the follow button. This includes writing a great caption that will engage your followers: try using different caption lengths to see what your followers like best, ask questions to compel followers to comment and engage with your posts, or use eye-catching emojis. Figure out what your followers like to see!

5. Use (thoughtful) hashtags

Hashtags are a simple way to group similar posts together to increase reach and engagement. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your brand and your posts. You’ll want to avoid gimmicks like the #followforfollow to avoid bots that won’t help you grow your followers organically, because in the end you want followers that engage with your content.


There are many other things you can try to help increase your Instagram following; these are just a few. To get the most out of your Instagram page, it is a good idea to track your progress and watch your insights closely to ensure that you are in tune with what your followers want to see, so that you can get more!

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