Why Should I Add CEA’s Logo On My Website?

Why Should I Add CEA’s Logo On My Website?

Being a member of Chicago Entertainment is a great opportunity to broadcast your brand and your image for yourself. Clients can easily access our website to find the band or performance they are looking for, for their event. So why should you add our logo to your website? Bands and performers that have 5 stars on their profile are shown at the top of our page and will be more likely to grab the attention of clients, which means they will see your page over other bands’ pages. 

When you add CEA’s logo to your website, you automatically get a better google rating. Which makes you more visible to clients because you are listed higher. Your SEO will also be higher because you have included another website on your page. This means that when you look up your website on Google or other search engines, your site will be listed higher. You will also be seen as more reliable because you have put CEA’s logo on your website. We are a reliable company, which gives your band more credit and authenticity. Finally, why wouldn’t you add our logo to your website? Chicago Entertainment Agency is a great company that many of you rely on to get more gigs and to get booked faster. By adding our logo you to your website would be thanking us. 

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