How to Increase Your Streams on Spotify

How to Increase Your Streams on Spotify

Are you a musician about to release a new song, trying to promote an old song, or needing the motivation to keep writing songs? Lucky for you, there are ways to increase your streams on Spotify without breaking the bank. Here are some tips to grow your streaming base without spending an arm and a leg. 


1.Setting up a Spotify pre-save campaign 

Setting up a FREE Spotify pre-save campaign gives fans a chance to save the song ahead of its release date. This helps capture interest over the next few weeks before you decide to release your song. An important component of growing your stream count is having a quality stream-to-engagement ratio. This means that out of all the people who’ve heard your song, how many of them saved it to their library or playlist? This is what really gives your music its platform. To set up your pre-campaign, check out https://www.emubands.com/faqs/how-do-i-set-up-a-pre-save-on-spotify/ for the for list of steps. 


2.  Use interactive ads 

An interactive as uses online interactive media to communicate with consumers and to promote your music! Interactive ads often get more than four times the results you would see with a standard ad. More listeners for less money, a win-win! Go to an add builder- https://www.adventive.com/ad-builder and paste a link of your music. The targeted listener will be able to play the track right inside the banner ad itself without leaving the site they’re on.


3. Create your own playlist 

By creating and building your own playlist, you are showing your fans that you are active. This can be a great way to be creative and manage your own personal playlists around your releases. This also allows you to trade music with other artists who are similar to you. The more you build and share your music, the more presence you will have on the app! 


4. Contact music blogs

Music blogs are a great way to share your music without a hefty price. If your song or band is promoted on a blog, chances are the people reading the blog like the same genre. To get your music featured on blogs, ask company’s you are already close in contact with. Are you signed to a talent agency/ booking company? Ask them! On, https://chicagoentertainmentagency.com/blog/ we love to feature all styles of artists, bands, and more!

Whether you’re an artist or band, growing your popularity has become a necessary step to make it big in the music career. Spotify is definitely a stepping stone of opportunity, and it is important to proceed the right way to grow your streams!

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