Ways to Build Your Social Media Following as a Chicago Musician

Ways to Build Your Social Media Following as a Chicago Musician

Social media has made promoting yourself and your Chicago band easier than ever before! However, due to so many platforms it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and get lost on where exactly to begin as a Chicago Musician. 

Some tips to get started: 


Create a TikTok Account 

TikTok is an entertainment app that has taken the world by storm! Everyday there is a new challenge and a new viral dance craze that everyone is obsessed with! An important first step for any growing band is visibility and TikTok, due to its ease of access and wide demographic of people, is the perfect app for introducing the world to your music. 


Create a YouTube Account

YouTube is an entertainment giant with loads of users for you to interact with, YouTube is rather easy to get started with and offers excellent visibility for you and your music, as it can be viewed worldwide. YouTube is a great way for you to interact personally with your growing fanbase and add personality to your image. 


Create an Instagram Account 

Post updates on Instagram about your progress as a musician/ band so that fans feel they are growing alongside you. Also, Instagram is a social media giant that most younger demographics have readily available. If your demographic is even more specific, Instagram offers hashtags to cater your content to the specific group you are trying to reach. Instagram also has a “Live” function which allows you to interact with your followers as they pose questions, make commentary, or send “hearts” while you vlog. 


Create a Twitter Account 

Twitter is the single best social media for establishing a personality for a person/ group. Many people use twitter to gauge how a person feels about certain topics and issues in the world and its a great way to gain a following of people that align with your ideas/values. 


The Most Important Part of Gaining a Following as a Chicago Musician is creating an Identity

The single most important aspect to gathering a following is creating an identity worth following. There are so many bands and musicians in CHicago, creating a name and brand for yourself is essential, Make sure with every post, every comment, every live, you are showcasing your/ your bands personality and values. People will flock to those they deem relatable and can form some kind of a kinship with. Make sure you are offering your fans more than just your music; always offer a genuine connection. Visit our blog for even more great tips!


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