What the Covid Vaccine means for 2021 Gigs

What the Covid Vaccine means for 2021 Gigs

After months and months of lost hope, there's finally good news! On Monday, November 9th-Pfitzer and BioNTech announced a vaccine candidate against COVID-19 achieved success in a first analysis from a phase 3 study. The vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective in preventing COVID-19 in participants. So what does the Covid Vaccine means for 2021 Gigs?


What is the future of gigs after COVID-19?


Gigs stem from events. Many event companies are in the process of planning for their 2021 season, while this may seem too soon, it takes an average of 6 months to a year to prepare for a large scale festival or event. It is important for event companies to keep in contact with their audience and see how they are feeling about life after COVID-19. A previous survey conducted by Enigma Research in April 2020 showed that a strong majority of event goers are likely to return to events after COVID-19. The questionnaire was distributed between all 50 US States and Canada-2000 took part. Some highlights of this survey include, 


  • 76% of people saying they are extremely likely to return once events resume, and only 8% saying that they are unlikely to return.
  • 94% claimed they “very much” or “somewhat” missed attending live events. 
  • Nearly half would return within one or two weeks of live events resuming. Remainder would wait longer, with 20% waiting more than 3 months. 
  • Event goers highly appreciate brands that support cancelled or postponed events.
  • Typically, 38% of event-goers feel “very favorable” towards sponsors and brands supporting live events. 
  • By comparison, 58% feel the same way regarding sponsors that support cancelled or postponed events. 

When the vaccine becomes approved and events are deemed to presume, it is important to continue to resume with safety precautions at every gig that is taken. With the proper sanitation, social distancing, and a COVID-19 plan, continue to rock out and get those gigs! See more about how gigs have changed during covid-19 on our blog.

For the full update on the COVID-19 vaccine, visit Pzifer's website. 

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