How Live Music Has Changed Since Covid

How Live Music Has Changed Since Covid

There's no doubt about it: Live music has changed since COVID hit. It has been flipped upside down since March. As the country is starting to slowly open back up we wonder what live music will look like in the future. Things will forever be different from what we use to know and love. We are starting to see smaller bands and performers perform at small venues that make masks mandatory, limited crowds or numbers of people, and finally social distancing. Specifically at Time Out Market Chicago, we are seeing live music happening, however, audiences are encouraged to stay at their table with their party and then can take their mask off to enjoy food and drinks. 

Because the state of live music has been changed forever, I think we will see virtual events become more and more common. I also think the idea of a socially distanced concert will also be very probable. A box or an area that you and your party can stand or sit in and enjoy live music while staying 6 feet or more away from the next group of people and the performer. I also think we will keep seeing drive-up concerts, where people see a concert in their car, similar to a drive-in movie. 

I also think it is going to be a challenge to get recognized as a performer as soon as the country is fully open due to the fact that everyone (sports teams, performers, concerts, shows) will want to resume what they missed the past eight months. People will be overwhelmed with activities to do and people will see that it will be challenging to get the attention of one certain artist or performer. Here are some ways you can make sure you are ready. 

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