How to keep busy as a musician during COVID-19

How to keep busy as a musician during COVID-19

How to keep busy as a musician during COVID-19: the second lockdown.


Stricter Covid-19 restrictions are now in effect Wednesday in Chicago. This includes a ban on indoor dining for bars and restaurants, and limiting all other gatherings to 25 people. 


As the winter months approach, it might be harder to stay motivated during a second lockdown. Not only that, with gigs being limited, it is important to keep busy. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of ways to keep yourself busy as a musician. 

  1. Play music as often as you can: As obvious as this sounds, don’t slack! This might be the only time in your career where you have the time and freedom to play and explore your music as much as you can
  2. Try to learn a new instrument: Another emphasis on having the time and freedom! If you’re in a rut, trying out a new instrument will not only be a great use of your time, but it might inspire you to become as good as you can with your new skill. 
  3. Experiment with different styles: You’re an acoustic singer? Try pop. Pop singer? Try rock. Experimenting with new styles might be the trick to get you viral. 
  4. Try covering a song: Who knows, your favorite song might sound even better when you sing it. 
  5. Jam with others (socially distant of course): So you don’t go crazy, have some socially distant jam sessions with other members. Build and inspire off one another to take the edge off. 
  6. Learn more of the technical aspects of the music: An understanding of the sound and editing aspects can help you come prepared for what you want in the future when recording a song or album. 
  7. Blog about your journey: Your fans care about you! Keep them loyal by sharing pieces of your life with them.
  8. Write a new song: Because, why not?!
  9. Discover a new social media platform: Ever heard of Tik Tok? It's not just for kid's anymore!
  10. Connect with other/ new musicians: Collab, make friends, and share your experiences with them. They will appreciate it as much as you do! 

Bonus: Keep busy by checking out our blog: for musicians, by musicians.

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