The Importance of Having a Contract

Recently some friends and I went to a concert of a solo artist that hit their peak in the early 2000’s at a very early age. This artist, like many others has continued touring throughout the years, but unlike others hasn’t released any new music. However, he will doing so soon in hopes of finding […]

Catching Up with Nick Carter: The All American Boy

Chicago Entertainment Agency’s Mirella Alexis recently caught up with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter on his All American Tour, in support of his third and most recent solo album, All American. First things first, if you’re a Backstreet Boys fan like I am, then you want to know if and when there will be a new […]

How to Stay Healthy While Touring!

It’s a new year and you want to make the most of it, right? Well you should! But that can be very difficult to do while on tour. But have no fear, Mirella is here with some helpful tips that will keep your body at its best, so that you can perform at your best […]

Why Support Local Festivals?

Summer is coming to a close – and with that, festival season goes bye-bye! (Until next year that is). Are you one of many who loves to go to festivals? It could be for the food, music, art, crafts, fun, to be outdoors or even for the free stuff (no one is judging you)! Maybe […]

3 Small Tips to Help You Save BIG on Your Wedding

We are in the midst of wedding season! It is all around us! My boyfriend’s sister, Dorothy and her fiance, Kris are having a destination wedding in August that we’ll be enjoying and my dear friend, Ellen is currently planning her big day for next year. This got me thinking, what are some ways to […]

The Perks of Attending Smaller Music Festivals

There is more intimacy at the show: A smaller crowd at a concert sets a more intimate production for the band, in which a fan can directly interact with the band. It’s a different type of show when there aren’t thousands of people behind you singing the same words. You get to experience a small […]

Performing Etiquette 101

1.) Have a contract – Make sure to have a written contract! Verbal agreements are easy and cool. But make sure to get one on paper too. It should confirm – when you’ll be playing, for how long, and all other details related to the booking. It helps to have a reference point and in […]

4 Tips for Better Vocal Health

We all know that eating healthy and exercising make for a healthier mind and body. It’s the same thing when it comes to our voices. Athletes take care of their bodies, and singers should take care of their voices. Below you find 5 tips that will lead you to better vocal health. 1.)  Quit smoking […]

1 BIG Tip to Make Your Live Show Better!

As a musician, you probably know how important your live show really is. It’s most likely your favorite part of being a musical artist – just as my favorite part of being a music lover is  being part of a live music event. It can be a concert at a tiny hole in the wall […]