Why the Work isn’t Over when the Gig is Over

Why the Work isn’t Over when the Gig is Over

Although it may be easy to get done with a gig and begin working on the next one, it is imperative that you do some follow-up on each and every gig you’re involved in. This is because it will build a better relationship between you as a professional entertainer and the people you work with: the goal is to establish good rapport with your clients! That’s why you want to make sure the work is done after the gig is over. Here are a few tips to do so!

At the gig, you should be as respectful as possible to your client. This means you should check in with them at the beginning, confirm your end time with them and let them know how long your set will be. At the end, pack up your equipment out of the way of the event, and be sure to talk to your client before you make your exit. Thank them for the opportunity! It’s important to not expect a tip: they may give you a gratuity, but don’t wait around for one. If they do give you a tip, thank them!

After the gig, keep in contact with the client by sending them a personalized thank you note, whether it be in a card or by email—remember to make it personal! Thank them for the opportunity again, and let them know how much you loved being a part of their event. Include specific details from the event that you enjoyed, and be as authentic as possible. It’s all in the details! 

You can also ask the client for a review or request a referral. This can be part of your personalized note. After thanking them for the opportunity to work with them, let them know that you would be so grateful for them to give you a quick review. You can then post these testimonials on your website for other bookers to see! In a quick sentence at the end of your thank you note, you can also ask your client to share your information with their friends and colleagues who might be interested in booking you. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most beneficial forms of marketing because it comes from a trusted source, and you can benefit from this! Encourage your client to spread the word about you; you can even go the extra mile and organize small referral cards to give to clients as you leave their events.

Thank you card

Utilize these tips to create good relationships with your clients, and it may lead to more bookings! Remember to check out our other blog posts at www.chicagoentertainmentagency.com/blog

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