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Your band has the talent, the equipment, the knowledge and you definitely have the hustle. You have everything you need to be the perfect entertainment for someone’s event — but when it comes to marketing, the only things you can’t seem to find are the ones you shouldn’t have to need: time and money.

Chicago Entertainment Agency knows that this is one of the most common obstacles entertainers face. In addition to being talented musicians and entertainers, you are people — parents, caretakers and professionals, each with responsibilities that might make it difficult to devote a ton of time to finding gigs and marketing exposure. Chicago Entertainment Agency is a hub for talent and clients to find each other, making it easy for you to find gigs (or, even better, for gigs to find you!) without spending hours at work or breaking the bank. CEA provides hands-on service from our agents, no hidden fees, great electronic collateral and will verify you as CEA-approved talent. These marketing tools help clients find you easily. 

Trusted companies like Chicago Entertainment Agency understand that you’re human, and want to remove time and money as an obstacle. All you have to do is sign up to become verified talent with CEA. The process is quick and easy, and with our brand new website, it’s even easier. Just bring the talent, and CEA’s marketing tools and substantial client base will take care of the rest.

Hoping and praying that someone will find your website or Facebook and call to book you is a good method if you want to stay where you are. But if you want to move forward and get more gigs, you need to join Chicago Entertainment Agency.

For a small investment of a quarter a day, you'll have access to our extensive list of clients and events. Our sister company, StarEvents, uses Chicago Entertainment Agency to book the talent for their summer festivals. That's over $1,000,000 we invest right back into our members every year. Don’t you want a part of that? Join Chicago Entertainment Agency today.

I guarantee you'll love us. For a limited time only, you have access to the same pricing we used when we launched in 2004. A lower price for better results than any other agency? Yes please! You're one step closer to getting more gigs.

There is not one right way to have successful music career. But Chicago Entertainment Agency has been in this business for over 15 years, and we've seen what works...and what doesn't.

Many artists and bands don't have connections to the industry and Chicago venues. Molly does. Chicago Entertainment Agency does. And we'll connect you to them for a lower investment than your Postmates dinner delivery.

Chicago Entertainment Agency can help you make a press kit, keep it all in once place, and get your press kit more views. Thousands of potential clients visit our site every day. Don't you want to be hired for their wedding, party, festival, or other event? Do you want to rank higher on Google? Let us help you.

Chicago Entertainment Agency, the top talent buying company in Chicago, has built a reputation on transparency and results since 2004. Before we go further, let me make something clear: we are not a standard agency. We don't represent you like other agencies. Other agencies only try to sell their top talent in order to make the most commission. We have compiled a database for clients to choose the perfect entertainer for their event. With that understood, here's what you're getting as a member of Chicago Entertainment Agency:

Access to our extensive network of clients and events, including StarEvents' summer festivals

  • Chicago Entertainment Agency books hundreds of events every year. Get access to the most local gigs.
  • Our sister company, StarEvents, uses Chicago Entertainment Agency to book the entertainment for 20+ summer festivals. That's over $1,000,000 that we put right back into our members' pockets.Don't you want a part of that? How many other agencies can say that? (Hint: it's none.)

The most money for your performance.

  • We will never take money out of your fee for commission. Get more money for your performance for a lower investment than any other agency.

Access to our blog with helpful articles to maximize your time at CEA.

That's a lot of ways to enhance your experience on our website! No other agency can share them with you because no one else is doing what we're doing.

But it gets better because we're giving you a limited time offer... get your first month of membership for free. That's right- your first But it gets better because we're giving you a limited time offer... become a member for the same membership price we used in 2004. Just a quarter a day will get you access to Chicago's best talent buying agency. We're doing this because we're so confident that you'll love us. Here's what we want you to do next:

That's it!

Why should you trust Chicago Entertainment Agency over other talent buyers? Let me tell you: Chicago Entertainment Agency has been trusted in Chicago since 2004, and we've built a reputation on transparency and results. Our staff works hands-on and continually markets our entertainers to clients on social media, newsletters, online, in print ads, and so much more. Our sister company, StarEvents, uses Chicago Entertainment Agency to book the entertainment for 20+ summer festivals. That's over $1,000,000 that we put right back into our members' pockets. No other agency does that- only Chicago Entertainment Agency.

Chicago Entertainment Agency provides more value for your dollar than any other agency out there. Here's what you'll get as a member:

Listing on CEA's website

Marketing costs

Increased Google SEO

Access to our blog

Access to live help via email and phone

Total Value Per Year:

Cost to you:

$120 Value

$3,000 Value

$5,000 Value

$500 Value

$500 Value



Can you afford about a quarter a day to spend on your career? You can't afford NOT to! Go to and register TODAY! We guarantee you'll love us.

Most clients PREFER to use an agency over independently booking a band. That's because we have the leverage and experience in the marketplace to get them the band they want for lowest price. Be part of an agency that people trust.

Hear what other members have to say:


  • "CEA has a unique and effective approach toward pairing clients with entertainment that best matches their event. It has been a great source of bookings for Too Hype Crew!"
    -John Cordogan, Too Hype Crew
  • "We had a great time working with Chicago Entertainment Agency; they were efficient, helpful, knowledgeable, and otherwise dialed-in in all the ways you expect, but rarely get. Your people are PRO." 
    -Chuck Bontrager, Vicarious TOOL Tribute
  • "My group The Funk Crusaders are huge fans of CEA, and we're always impressed by how professional and pleasant everyone at CEA is to work with. We've had some great gigs because of them, and look forward to more!"
    -Mike Alvarado-Moran, The Funk Crusaders
  • "Thank you for the opportunity to perform at Andersonville Midsommarfest! Let's do it again!"
    -CEA Band
  • "Sealed With A Kiss played the Forest Park Fest. As always, the event was ran very professionally and a blast to play. From the load in, to refreshments, to the sound techs, and everyone involved...great event. We would love to play any and all events by CEA!"
    -Mark Donofrio, Sealed With a Kiss
  • "Kind, helpful and completely sold to taking entertainment to a greater height. I am so pleased to have interacted with CEA and be sure I am interested in working with you in the future."
    -Olugbenda Adenuga

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