Performing Etiquette 101

1.) Have a contract – Make sure to have a written contract! Verbal agreements are easy and cool. But make sure to get one on paper too. It should confirm – when you’ll be playing, for how long, and all other details related to the booking. It helps to have a reference point and in case something does go wrong, you’ll have something to look back on.

2.) Make a set list – It is better to be prepared. Therefore, having a set list helps having an outline of your performance. It lets you have control over the flow of your show and allows for proper transitions between songs. It also helps not to keep your audience waiting and looking unprofessional isn’t cool either.

3.) Rehearse – Practice makes perfect. You want to give your audience the best performance possible, so make sure you practice before hand. A full practice with the band, sound, and lighting technician is especially good before going on stage for your main gig.

4.) Make friends with the sound guy & house manager – It’s important to have the right people AND good people in your corner. Create a working relationship with the sound person and venue manager to ensure a great show from top to bottom.

5.) Engage your Audience – Remember to put your crowd first. Also remember a little crowd participation can go a long way. Engaging the audience can make them feel like a part of the show. Have a catchy hook? start a sing along. Make it so they leave your show humming a few of your tunes to keep them coming back for more.

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