Testing…Testing…123 – 3 Easy Tips to Build Lasting Relationships with Fans

Building lasting relationships isn’t easy, but that’s what makes then worth it!

1.)  Get Social! – Your fans are out there and they want to find you! Become a social butterfly. Make sure that you are present on all social-media platforms. It’s great to have a website and a Facebook page. But there is so much more out there these days and your fans are searching them! Use outlets such as: YouTube, Twitter, Reverb Nation, MySpace, Pinterest, and Flickr. Don’t leave any stone unturned! These sites will allow your fans to see, hear, and watch you!

2.)  Stay Connected! – Out of sight, out of mind. Never! To be relevant you have to stay relevant. This means, staying up to date with your fans. Let them know what you have been up to lately. They want to know that you’re going on tour, recording, and when that next single comes out. So let them know now!

3.)  Be a Giver, not a taker! – Don’t you love free stuff? I know I do! Especially if it’s quality stuff! And let’s face it, your music is quality! Give out a free tune, have a contest, or tweet-a-thon! Your fans will love it and so will you! You appreciate your fans and they appreciate you. Let the love-fest begin!

Following these 3 easy steps will lead to a loyal fanbase. And who doesn’t love being appreciated? Spread the love and love will spread.

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