Tips to Saving Money while Touring

If you’re anything like me, then you are always looking to save money! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! Let’s face it, touring can be expensive! So make the most out of your time on the road with these easy steps…

1.) Bring down the house! – A way to save money is to bring a house band on tour with you that all bands could share. It works if you’re on a co-headlining tour or a tour with multiple bands. Sharing a band and or a band leader can be more than cost-effective. For instance, it can also make any concert experience run smoother by having less down time in between acts. This in turn, it makes the crowd very happy and performances done in a timely manner. A well-done  example of  this was recently executed on The Package Tour that toured across the nation.

2.) Keep it all in the family! – Outsourcing is sometimes the way to go, but keeping it in-house can be beneficial too! Going on tour is a big to do that takes a lot of hard work from many people. Instead of hiring a photographer, stylists, roadie, promoter, etcetera; the list really could go on and on! Look to your own family and friends who have talents and careers that lend to what you need. Maybe your cousin is into fashion or your best friend is studying photography. Whatever your case, first search near rather than far to see if what you need could be found close to home. It takes a village, so why not fill that village with friends and family that not only have a specific skill set, but also believe in your craft?

3.) Hello? Can you here me now? – Don’t miss out on any opportunities! This means, staying on point when it comes using all the FREE social-media outlets readily available at your finger tips! It’s not only good enough to have them, but to use them! And regularly! As many times as this is stressed, many still don’t use this free and effective way of promotion and marketing exposure. In this day and age, there is no excuse to not be utilizing these tools. Technology has come a long way, with wi-fi, smart phones, tablets, and more; there is no reason not to put it to good use today!

Now go out and save some green today!

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