Why Support Local Festivals?

Why Support Local Festivals?

Chicago Festival

Summer is coming to a close – and with that, local festivals go bye-bye! (Until next year that is).

Are you one of many who loves to go to festivals? It could be for the food, music, art, crafts, fun, to be outdoors or even for the free stuff (no one is judging you)! Maybe it’s all of those things! No matter what the reason is, it is important to properly support your local festival and any you may come across because in-turn, you are supporting a whole community. A community that wants to sustain itself and thrive for many generation to come.

Many festivals ask for a donation at the gate and it is important to give that donation. But why, you ask? Because festivals are often put on by local non-profit organizations and local chamber of commerce to raise money for that specific neighborhood. By supporting festivals, you are enabling social and economic sustainability and growth.

Why should this growth matter to you? It matters because when a local community is supported, it has a positive ripple-effect on the larger scale of society. When you support locally owned business, workers receive better pay and benefits. When they do, these communities become more self-reliant. When that happens, the government can focus on and allocate funds to other needs. The more communities that are self-reliant, the better it is for employment, education, healthcare and more. Therefore, the entire economy and society as a whole benefits.

So get out there and enjoy a festival near you before this summer is over!

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