What to Blog About as a Musician

What to Blog About as a Musician

If you’re thinking about starting a blog about yourself as a musician, this is your sign. Blogging as a musician is beneficial in many ways. Blog posts are a good way to drive people to your website. When you create a blog post and send it to your subscribers, it gives them even more of a reason to visit your website. 

During quarantine, it is important to continue to be active in your career. While shows and gigs might not be so hot right now, you still are. Show your audience who you really are. Let them get a sense for your love of music, your personality, and why you love what you do. People might be a fan of your music, but when they become fans of you as well-you just created a loyal fan.  

The first step in getting started is deciding what to blog about. Here is a list of blog topic ideas to get your blog journey started!

  1. Who you are
  2. Songwriting process 
  3. Favorite story from tour
  4. How you became a musician
  5. Your favorite instrument 
  6. The making of your album
  7. Your favorite song at the moment 
  8. Who you work with and who they are
  9. Tips for other musicians 
  10. What artist inspires you
  11. Your passion outside of music
  12. Your favorite performance and why 
  13. Your next gig/show
  14. Your favorite song of your own 
  15. A day in your life 

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