How to Stay Relevant as a Musician During COVID

How to Stay Relevant as a Musician During COVID

It’s no secret how much the entertainment industry has been affected by Coronavirus. Being a musician in COVID times is not easy. If you are a gigging musician, you are probably hurting big time right now. With tours, festivals, weddings, and corporate events cancelled for the foreseeable future, musicians are being challenged in profound ways. I wish there was silver lining here. There’s no getting around it.....this hard as hell. So let’s talk about the different ways to stay relevant, to “stay in the game” during these tough times.

  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX TO GET YOUR MUSIC OUT THERE! So we can’t do our jobs right now. Time to get creative. Livestream a solo show in your basement on FB Live, or Instagram, and include your Venmo for tips. Consider teaching online lessons. How about providing a musical telegram? By now you’ve probably seen the drive-in concerts. You can offer virtual “cameo” style musical messages. I’ve seen back of a pick-up truck flatbed acoustic, traveling concerts. Are these ideas ideal?? Maybe not. But it provides ways to get out there, and stay engaged with your fans.
  • SELL MERCH! People want to help support you if they can. What a perfect way to stay engaged, and make a couple bucks.
  • UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA GAME! This is so important right now! Don’t allow your band to fade away, and out of your fan’s minds. Post something daily....whether it’s a memory, something you’ve been working on, a funny meme, or a new video. Keep engaged with your fans!
  • EVERYTHING IS VIRTUAL NOW! Learn your way around your computer, and different programs to create content. You may be asked to play a virtual fundraiser!
  • USE THIS TIME TO WRITE NEW SONGS, make a new video, redo your website, etc.

Hope this helps, guys! It’s a jungle out there. Keep creating music. Keep checking our blog for updates in Chicago. Keep yourself in the game. This too shall pass.

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