Top 5 Things to Include in Your Band Bio

The components of a good band bio come down to a few things. Every artist has something to bring to the table. Something fun, unique, and beautiful. whatever that may be, what makes YOU stand out?

  • State the Basics. Keep it short and sweet. This should include your name and specialty you work in. Try to steer away from stating your personal story and development. One to three paragraphs will do. The audience wants to know what you’re bringing to the table first!
  • Audience Experience. What can the audience expect from your booking? Is your goal to make them laugh so hard they can’t breathe? Or for your song to be so catchy they'll be singing it for days? Whatever that may be, include in your bio what you believe they will get out of your talent.
  • What is Your Talent? Feel free to include any media outlets on where your audience can find your work. This will give them a better feel of what you can offer. If you want your client to avoid the hassle of having to dig for your work, post your favorite piece(s) in your bio! If you want your potential client to see something specific, POST IT!
  • Past Experience. This still needs to be short and sweet. Your band bio is not a resume. But, if you have received an award or notable recognition that you’re proud of, that’s worth stating!
  • Grab a Proofreader. Make sure you have another set of eyes to proofread your band bio. Typos make you look careless and unprofessional. Preferably 1 or 2 reliable sources that can look over your work will do the trick. Even if you don’t have typos, they can help you think of things to add or take away that you never thought of before!

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There are a lot of different acts out there- let the potential clients know why you're the best entertainer for the job!



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