How to Safely Perform During COVID

How to Safely Perform During COVID

Performing during a pandemic is difficult. How do you find events and perform at them safely? Here are some things you can keep in mind before you take on your next gig or performance on how to safely perform during COVID in Chicago. 

  • Market yourself for virtual events
    • Although this isn’t ideal, virtual gigs are happening everywhere. It’s truly the best way to socially distance yourself from a crowd and keep you and your group safe.
    • Update your website and social media to let your fans know that you offer virtual services. Give relevant testimonials from clients who have hired you for their virtual event.
  • Wear a mask while performing
    • Wearing a mask while performing can be difficult because the mask can muffle your voice and sound. However, wearing a mask does protect you and your clients from the virus.
    • Practice performing with a mask before your gig. This way, you can decide which mask makes you sound the best, and you'll know how you'll actually sound.
  • Perform at small, socially distant gatherings
    • If you do choose to perform at a live event, ask the client if you'll have enough room for you and your group to perform. This means staying at least 6 feet apart from the audience, and also keeping all of the audience members away from each other.
  • Perform at outdoor venues
    • Being outside is safer than being inside. There is more airflow when outside, and there is usually more space available to social distance.
    • Tell your client what you are and are not comfortable with. They are not going to know unless you tell them, and they'll usually try to be as flexible as possible.
    • Check in with the City of Chicago for updates on bar and restaurant restrictions.

We hope you are all staying healthy during this tough time. And of course, we look forward to resuming all of our wonderful events. 

And of course, keep checking our blog for updates on performing in Chicago, and more tips and tricks on getting gigs!

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