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Jenny Rockis

Live music/Country/Indie/Rock

Female Fronted, Raw Intensity Rock, Southern Rock, Blues and

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Slap Happy

In life, liberty, and the pursuit of slappiness! Slap Happy

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Long Time Friction

Live music/Reggae

We're a 5- to 8-piece reggae band looking to play live event

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Thank You Ma'am

Live music/Glam Rock

Thank You Ma'am is Chicago's garage-glam party band. Compris

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Lauren Ashley

Live music/Country

Born in Griffin, Georgia, 22-year-old Lauren Ashley’s musi

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The BuzzHounds

Live music/Rockabilly

Rock, Throw Back Rock and Roll, Rock and Roll, and Americana

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Whistling Dixies

Whistling Dixies are a hot new band on the rise of the Chica

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J-Livi & The Party

Live music/Funk

J-Livi & The Party is a Chicago-based brass band that fo

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Ben Tatar and The Tatar-Tots

Live music/Funk/Jazz

Music for kids and young families! Ben Tatar is an elementar

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