How to Win Over New Clients

How to Win Over New Clients

As a small business owner, you need to have an array of methods to attract new clients. You want potential patrons to be drawn not just to your service, but also to you and your team. If people know that the man behind the curtain is an active community member and all-around nice guy, why wouldn’t they want to use him?  It’s not always just about getting the deal – you have to work your magic when you’re off-duty, too.

First, you need to ensure that your online presence is sound and professional. According to entrepreneur.com, stray away from the generic voicemail with your name. Instead, great clients who took the time to reach out with a call-to-action. In the interest of your own business and that of clients, your voicemail should “answer a question, direct them to your website or tell them how to schedule an appointment.

Get involved in the local community. The face of your business needs to give back in order to get more. Think of it as an investment in the community: you’re rebuilding while also marketing yourself to like-minded individuals who want to see more good in the world. Especially as an entertainer, you could showcase your work for free at love benefits, fund-raisers, or projects with lots of attendees. Have your information ready and make sure your website is updated! You can never go wrong with helping people.

Speaking of websites, make sure yours is not only up-to-date but also professional looking. Clients want to trust you and nothing looks more unprofessional than an old website – or none at all. This is a zone to showcase your work and abilities. People are going to look you up online, so make sure the results really deliver. Make them want to contact you. There are so many website-building tools, freelance workers, and college students who can help you do this.

Marketing yourself doesn’t have to be hard and complicated. Just think about what you’re doing and ask yourself, “would I hire me?”

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