How to get gigs without spending a lot of time or money

You have the talent, the equipment, the knowledge and you definitely have the hustle. You have everything you need to be the perfect entertainment for someone’s event — but when it comes to finding gigs, the only things you can’t seem to find are the ones you shouldn’t have to need: time and money.

Chicago Entertainment Agency knows that this is one of the most common obstacles entertainers face. In addition to being talented musicians, comics, artists and entertainers, you are people — parents, caretakers and professionals, each with responsibilities that might make it difficult to devote a ton of time to finding gigs and marketing exposure. CEA is a hub for talent and clients to find each other, making it easy for you to find gigs (or, even better, for gigs to find you!) without spending hours at work or breaking the bank. CEA provides hands-on service from our agents, no hidden fees, great electronic collateral and will verify you as CEA-approved talent. These marketing tools help clients find you easily. 

Trusted companies like Chicago Entertainment Agency understand that you’re human, and want to remove time and money as an obstacle. All you have to do is sign up to become verified talent with CEA. The process is quick and easy, and with the coming launch of the new website, it’s about to get even easier. Just bring the talent, and CEA’s marketing tools and substantial client base will take care of the rest.


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