Top Virtual Events to find your next gig

Top Virtual Events to find your next gig

Whether we like it or not, virtual events are going to be the new norm for the rest of 2020. This is the time to be on top of your game and find the best virtual events that suit your talents! We have put together a list of the top 5 trendiest virtual events that are taking place in 2020 based on client requests.

  • Virtual Conferences
    • Many companies have been trying to find ways to keep their employees entertained during their virtual conferences. Be the one who keeps them on their toes during a virtual conference!
  • Virtual Convention
    • Most conventions have special guests at their convention whether it's a singer, comedian, motivational speaker, etc. This is the perfect time to not only spill your talent, but network as well.
  • Virtual Holiday Parties
    • It’s officially the holiday season! Many families, communities, and companies are getting ready to prepare for their upcoming holiday events. This is the time to get in the holiday spirit and go after holiday gigs!
  • Virtual Concert Series/ Concert Live Streams
    • As much as we’ve had to give up during the pandemic, music isn’t one of them! Many places are hiring acts for virtual concert series. Whatever genre your talent falls under, find a virtual concert series that fits your needs.
  • Virtual Happy Hour
    • Now more than ever, people need to connect. Nothing gets teams more excited than a good ol’ fashioned team happy hour. Many restaurants and companies are hosting these virtual happy hours which consists of drinks, trivia, and games. Put people’s music knowledge and talents to the test and make them guess the song you’re singing or the celebrities you're impersonating.

Check out our article on virtual events or contact StarEvents to host your own!

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