5 Ways Musicians Can Earn Extra Cash While Navigating the Pandemic

5 Ways Musicians Can Earn Extra Cash While Navigating the Pandemic

It's no secret that the pandemic has had a massive impact on musicians and other artists over the past year. Without being able to get out there to play gigs or record, artists who were entirely dependent on these sources of income are struggling. 

The Chicago Entertainment Agency has put together some tips for you to try to make some money on the side while we wait for the pandemic restrictions to ease up, the public to regain their confidence, and life to get back to normal. 

Live stream performances

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many artists started exploring live streaming on the different social media channels as a creative outlet while they were in lockdown. And it's become more and more popular to the point that many people actively look for musical performances from home. You can live stream free mini sessions to grow your following and get your music out there or charge for performances.

Sell merchandise online

With all of the benefits of globalization, it's easier than ever to open an online shop and get your products to any corner of the world. As long as you come up with the designs, you don't even have to do anything yourself or worry about the logistics; you can get companies to do that for you. So try to dropship your T-shirt designs, baseball caps, or any other type of merchandise. Once you have the proper setup and suppliers, it requires little effort.

Create a YouTube channel

Anyone can create a YouTube channel, but it's not easy to make money on it. It requires a lot of work and perseverance, so this might be more of a midterm solution unless you have a large following already. But once you have your YouTube channel monetized, it turns into a source of passive income, and the ad revenue can be immense.

Teach music lessons

Those who have been playing their instruments since childhood often find themselves teaching others how to play them too. Whether it be privately or at school, teaching is one of those jobs you just need experience and patience for. And now that everyone is online and looking for new things to do, there's a great demand for online teachers

Explore your other talents

Many people are finding that this is an excellent time to change careers or just tap into their side hustles. And there are many easy options to get into freelancing these days. You can try your hand at delivering for PostMates, tutoring, mystery shopping, copywriting or teaching English as a second language. So make a list of the skills you already have, and see which ones could make you some money today.

Depending on the route you choose, remember that you need to have the right business set up when generating an income to avoid legal issues down the road. When starting a business in Illinois, a great option is to quickly set up an LLC, which offers many benefits for small business owners, which include limited liability, tax advantages, and flexibility. Make sure you are aware of the regulations in your state, as these can change, and if in doubt, you can always use an LLC formation service to help you do the legwork.

There’s no telling when we’ll return to a normal way of life, and while a lot has opened up, pandemic fluctuations continue to throw challenges our way. To ensure you’ve got your bottom line shored up, try looking for ways to put your musical skills to use. With these tips and help from Chicago Entertainment Agency, you’ll be on the right track.

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