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Zorana Bojanovic is a recording artist based in Chicago, performing a fusion of traditional and contemporary Gypsy, Balkan, Oriental, Spanish/Latin World music hits with Jazz & Folk arrangements. The shows are an hour to two hours long with a few downtempo/drama/romance songs and mostly energetic upbeat dancing tunes from around the world. Zorana performs with her international band of professional musicians creating vibrant and energizing, and culturally enriching and unique experience

Set List

  • Mi Mou Thimonis Matia Mou
  • Usnija Redzepova - Nadjije
  • Mahala Rai Banda
  • Alabina - Alabina
  • Šaban Bajramović - Romano Raj 
  • Gypsy Balkan
  • Time of the Gypsies
  •  Safet Isovic - Moj dilbere
  • Serbain Romance

Zorana Bojanovic

4 stars out of 5
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