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Welcome to  Dan Kusaya, the one man band.


When I moved to the United States, I became a one man band. I do live looping of several instruments I play while performing my own original songs plus other world music. My performances include storytelling of traditional Zimbabwean songs, “Chimurenga inspiration”, music with a new Afro-centric interpretation of traditional sounds and songs which dates to a time when music was known to have magical properties. These stories tell about ceremonies where people sang for rainmaking, appeasing of ancestors, harvesting the crops from the fields and even beer drinking or feasting.

World Music Special! is my answer for the many promoters who are looking for a one man band that is cool, likeable, and different from the others. When you book me, you can expect a huge repertoire of songs that guarantee a good atmosphere. I create a party mood and that’s why I am perfect for performing at all types of events.

Set List

My musical mix is world, afrobeat-groovy and with a lot of party power, although I can also play soft tones. I am looking forward to performing at your event soon.

Enjoy the many live videos below!


World Music Special!

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