War Hammer

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Heavy Metal/Rock

War Hammer is an all-original eclectic culmination of metal roots that infuses the best elements of all genres to create high energy, groove filled harmonies that transcend boundaries. The band's first recording, the self titled War Hammer EP, has been heard on Illinois radio airwaves - curing the hunger for such hard hitting music, wherever they are heard and seen. Accomplished by vocals ascending from death metal growls to soaring highs, scorching harmonizing dual axe attack, and a back section that hits like a war hammer! War Hammer is truly a new hard hitting force with a loyal and growing fan base driven by a host of veteran musicians.

Set List


Morbid thoughts

The Deadlands

Death of a Dream


Where Demons Dwell

Cross Contamination

The Porcelain King


Frontline Massacre

Open Season

Internal Sacrifice

Dark Horizon

War Machine

War Hammer

4 stars out of 5
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