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Since their formation in Chicago in 2018, The
Mild West has been well-known in the rock
world thanks to their professional production
and upbeat live shows. The band's sound is
replete with soaring melodies, memorable
choruses, and a strong delivery, drawing
inspiration from a wide range of pop-rock
heavyweights like Walk the Moon and The
Killers. With traditional rock intensity wrapped
in a tidy power-pop wrapper, The Mild West
never fails to amaze longtime fans and draw in
new ones.

With shows at places like Schubas,
Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, and a sold-out
show at the 500-seat Lincoln Hall, The Mild
West has amassed a devoted fan base in their
hometown. They have traveled the Midwest in
band tours with Juice, The Collection, and
Autumn Kings, among others.

The Mild West

5 stars out of 5
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