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Formed in 2017 when George T. Drag (Butterflies, Honda Pavarotti) joined up with the Cooled Out Babies (Finn Swingley, Brian Daley, Joe Daley). The Embryos immediately made the Chicago music scene more catchy, jangle-y, and more rocking. The band's soon to be released E.P., Open the Kimono, melds the 12 string styling of The Church and The Byrds with 70s styled power pop like Big Star and the Soft Boys. With standout tracks like Wake Up Screaming and Hostages of the Orb as well as a fantastic cover of Circleville originally written by the talented local songwriter Markus Ello - the music of The Embryos appeals to fans of classic, catchy, pop-rock.

Set List

THE EMBRYOS – @ G MAN TAVERN OPENING FOR TRISTEN – NOV. 2, 2018 1. Half A Wolf 2. Spend Tonight 3. Popular Character 4. Brando Guy 5. Playin’ Hooky 6. Golden State 7. Wasting All Your Time 8. Hostages Of The Orb 9. Queen Of Eyes Quenchers 4.21.18 1. I Wanna Be Your Sam 2. *Wake Up Screaming 3. *Hostages of the Orb 4. Half A Wolf 5. Wasting All Your Time (Jag) 6. Where Were You Last Night 7. Golden State (6) 8. Spend Tonight With Me (6) 9. *Bad Old Days 10. Wouldn’t I Love To Know (Jag))) 11. Someone to Hold Me (6) 12. Make Me Move (6)

The Embryos

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