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Hello.We are The Bannermen, Chicago's nerdiest band. We've been together since 2013 and wish to continue our pillaging across Chicago and it's surrounding areas. The Bannermen comprise of Paul Ramirez (guitar/vocals), Annie Kelchner (vocals), George Perdziak (guitar), Matt Winstead (bass), and Scott Paeth (drums). Our music is influenced by Marvel Comics and George R.R. Martin, along with some relationship drama that we have all suffered through. We absolutely ROCK as a 5 piece band and are also available for smaller "unplugged" shows, as well as solo shows featuring our fearless leader, Paul Ramirez.

Set List

We have an album entitled “Ice or Fire”. Our songs are a mix of nerdy references as well as songs about relationships and introspection. We are also known to cover songs by Coheed and Cambria, Boston, and The Who. A typical set list would be songs from our current album or previous EP, coupled with 1 or 2 covers thrown in just for fun. Here’s an example of a Bannermen setlist: Iron Fist Thor Friendly Faces Whiskey over Wine Without Reason Idle Symphony Ice or Fire Tea with a Stranger It’s Over Tree Drive Away Juggernaut A Favor House Atlantic (coheed and cambria cover).

We can also do extended sets featuring songs from artists such as The Who, Meatloaf, Boston, and Our Lady Peace. Depending on the situation, we can go as long or as short as you prefer.

The Bannermen

4 stars out of 5
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