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StarEvents is Chicago’s award-winning event company that specializes in producing world-class community celebrations and festivals. We have spent the past 16 years dedicated to raising money and awareness for community groups and local, nonprofit organizations.

Our Chicago festivals are specifically designed to enhance the vitality of the communities in which they are held. They produce an incredible amount of positive economic impact for the surrounding areas and generate an enormous amount of visibility that enhances local business.

Special events are one of the few opportunities that allow people to get together and celebrate. In this face-paced world, special events provides human contact that is vital to a well-balanced community. Festivals are also an ideal footprint that provides an amazing array of artistic outlets in a way that is unlike any other. Artisans can showcase their wares and sell their artwork to an abundance of attendees at our Chicago events.

Businesses have an ideal opportunity to shake the hands and build relationships with potential customers at each of our Festivals. Musicians get an opportunity to take center stage and share their music with the masses at our street festivals. A well run special event is a creative outlet that truly creates a win-win for all involved!

Founded in 1996, StarEvents is one of the largest Chicago festival and event-production companies in the Midwest. We offer a wide range of creative services that include event production, event management, logistical support, public relations, marketing, and conceptual processes for all types of special events. Building communities for a better tomorrow is our primary objective.

Since our inception, StarEvents has helped raise over $5,000,000 for various charities and not-for-profit groups in and around Chicago. Our Chicago Events allocate a large portion of the proceeds to go directly into the beautification and improvement of local neighborhoods. StarEvents is dedicated to improving the quality of life in each of the communities represented in our calendar of events.

Set List

Adding to the quality of life for local residentsProviding an opportunity for the general public to unite and celebrate
Driving local, regional, and national tourismDeveloping a vehicle to showcase a communities strengths and highlight the fabric of the neighborhood
Showcasing a positive community brand and image to the media, business community, residents, and visitorsIncreasing awareness that offers a positive message to be shared with all
Creating a positive economic impact that translates into jobs, tax revenues, and enhanced infrastructure improvements for the local communityEnhancing local businesses with an increase in foot-traffic that drives revenue
Providing enhanced exposure opportunities for the arts, not-for-profit causes, and many other community programs and venuesCreating a vehicle for artisans, local businesses, and community groups to showcase their productsand services
Promoting volunteerism and bonding the many elements of the community togetherGiving residents a way to give back to their community
Encouraging community investment, participation, creativity, and visionShowcasing a footprint to express the arts
Building irreplaceable ‘community capital’ for the futureBuilding communities for a better tomorrow!

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