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SoundTracks Of A Generation provides musical revues, historical documentary style LIVE music performances by Professional Musicians. The Shows are Tributes based on actual events in the context of Rock n' Roll history. From Albums, Concerts, Artists & Eras, as far back as; The British Invasion 1964-1965 (Class of 68) The Summer of Love 1967 including Monterey Pop Festival The Woodstock Generation (recreating the concert as well as music from popular artists during that Era. 70'sFM RADIO ROCK (Album Oriented Rock 1970-1979) Pink Floyd (Have A Cigar) Eric Clapton (Eric & The Dynamos) featuring Louie Zagoras Tom Petty (The Petty Kings) The Soul Commitments who perform the soundrack from the 1991 Alan Parker Film 'The Commitments'. We can customize for special events. Such as the 40th anniversary of 'The Last Waltz' a Martin Scorcese film paying homage to 'The Bands' final concert in 1976. Also, 'The Concert For George', a tribute honoring George Harrison by his friends and family one year after his passing. We performed this show on the 15th anniversary of the concert as well as on the former Beatles birthday this past February. Written & Narrated by Voice Actor & former Radio Dee Jay Doug James, these shows are a testament to a life spent "On The Air" interviewing Rock icons, and a culmination of years "On Stage" emceeing countless concerts. We invite everyone who want more than just a show, but rather the experience to 'Live In The Moment of Rock n' Roll History.'

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SoundTracks Of A Generation

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