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Rebel Alley

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Rebel Alley is an alternative rock band from Chicago fronted by lead singer Amelia Thompson. The band formed in 2022 by guitarist Jimmy Brennan and vocalist Amelia Thompson as a response to a Craigslist ad. They were joined by bassist Patrick Foley. They were later joined by drummer Brad Cleveland in 2023. The band has developed a mix of styles between post punk revival and garage rock, laced with heavy fuzzed guitar riffs.

What to Expect:

Rebel Alley is an original band that writes and record their own music. You can become more failure with their original music on their YouTube channel. They do perform covers songs at their live performances. Over time, they have developed a fairly large library of cover songs.

The cover songs Rebel Alley performs fit along the lines of the music they are creating. The older songs would be from the post punk era of the late 70's to early 80's. (The Police, U2, Joy Division, The Cure). They will also perform more modern music going to the Post Punk Revival movement of the early 2000 (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Hole). Rebel Alley is not going to perform the cover song that is massively worn out for decades and over played by every other cover band performing it. They will perform popular music form the bands that would perform at festivals like Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, Isle of Wright, Glastonbury Festival.

When the band performs in the city of Chicago, they will perform their set of original music. As the band is growing and entering the Chicago Suburban market, where cover songs are dominant, the band will perform a majority of covers songs mixed with their more popular original songs. Looking to get into the family festival market in the summer months, the band will find a balance of covers vs originals.

Rebel Alleys YouTube channel is the best place to really see the band perform. The band tends to video and record live performances. They mix and release their videos on their YouTube channel. What you see and what you hear was that's nights performance.

If you have any questions about a performance, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Rebel Alley

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