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Naked Brunch is a four-piece rock band from Chicagoland. Groovy, irreverent, and eclectic, this is body-bumping rock’n’roll that’s meant to be seen live.

They draw inspiration from a wide net of influences. From the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Dua Lipa; No Doubt to the Arctic Monkeys; Khruangbin to Queen. The infusion of these styles has created a distinct sound marked by groovy bass lines, relentlessly catchy rhythm, soaring guitar melodies, and vocals that deliver a sly lyricism with ebullient bravado.

Why should you choose Naked Brunch over any of the other fantastic bands in Chicago? Because they're committed to a theatrical experience in the vein of Freddie Mercury where the audience is performing the music right alongside them. With a diverse sound that doesn't drone together, Naked Brunch offers a performance that's groovy and a little dangerous, combining original music with fresh takes on classics (from Queen to Britney Spears) to get the crowd fired up and singing along. It gets people off their phones and into the show, because it's meant to be seen as well as heard.

Set List


Original Music:

Supersonic – Kiddie Pool – Punish Me Good – Falling Out of You – So Bad – Humanoid – and even more incredible tracks you don’t know yet but will be obsessed with when you hear them live.


Britney Spears – Queen – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Maroon 5 – Arctic Monkeys – Wet Leg – Nirvana – and more!

Naked Brunch

5 stars out of 5
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