MockStar – Chicago’s Premier Arena Rock / Hair Band Tribute

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Welcome to the reformation of a band that promises to deliver a level of quality that will be much appreciated and has been sorely missed. Mock Star is a collaboration of some of the greatest musicians in the Midwest…all talented, seasoned players who will be playing some incredible music from the BEST decade ever - the 80s!! - by recreating its timeless music and having it played with the utmost respect to the originals with exceptional musical accuracy. In addition to the music will be one of the heaviest, pound-for-pound, gear-loaded stage shows that you’ll ever see at a local level. The goal is for you to come to see us not just for the stellar musical talent, but also for the show that we will put on for you. We may even make YOU part of the show as well! This band functions on the principle that LESS really is LESS, and MORE is often better! It was the 80s…there were no stops! We operate at two energy levels…all the way ON and all the way OFF. There is nothing in the middle to fiddle, it’s a full-tilt bozo for the entire night. This “no holds barred approach” is something we feel you, the fans, will definitely enjoy seeing brought back to the local music scene, as it used to be. Some members of this band were in other successful projects and have even opened for such artists as: Warrant, Skid Row, Dokken, Bullet Boys, Lynch Mob and have played Rocklahoma twice. So hop aboard the “crazy train” and join us on what is sure to be one wild, crazy and amazing ride that promises to be “nothin’ but a good time”!!

MockStar Is:

Jack Kole - The glass shattering, screamin demon

Michael Righteous - Lightning fast, Face melting lead guitar

Scotty Van Panther - heart pumping rhythm guitar and vox

Jonny “ The Crush “ Velvet
The Bass thumpin , low end keeper and vox

OZ ( just Oz ) Things that go CRASH , BOOM , BAM and vox

MockStar – Chicago’s Premier Arena Rock / Hair Band Tribute

5 stars out of 5
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