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MikeyyAustin is a hip-hop/soul artist, musician, and bandleader from Lansing, MI. Performing live with his band, The Soulcial Club, Mikeyy fuses elements of jazz, gospel, and funk, creating fun and high-energy live performances.
2 Y's released his debut album 'Greenhouse' in the second quarter of 2020, and is set to release his forthcoming album, 'The Sunrise Album', this fall. Mikeyy's releases have placed him on stages with Moonchild, Durand Jones & The Indication, on NPR Music, and many other outlets and stages.
In addition to his musical releases, Mikeyy has become an artistic staple in his community. He curates free music festivals to celebrate Juneteenth and created arts initiatives to raise scholarship funds for local high schoolers pursuing an education in arts programs.

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MikeyyAustin & The Soulcial Club

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