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SANTA CLAUS is coming To Town! Santa wants to be a part of the wonderful and exciting events you are planning this summer. Or maybe even help you create a special event you haven't planned . . . until now . . . now that you know he will be in town. “Santa's Summer Vacation” is an activity-packed, interactive, improvisational event. Santa spins stories and tells jokes. He plays games and sings songs with the children. And Santa personally answers questions from children as well as adults. As Santa says, “It's like a town hall meeting, similar to what the politicians do, except I actually answer the questions. And we have a lot more fun.” This is a rare opportunity to meet Santa up close and personal in a much more relaxed atmosphere than during the holidays. While appearing at your venue, Santa greets and interacts with children and their families and poses for pictures in his summer attire. Sometimes, Mrs. Claus joins Santa on vacation! The appearances put the spotlight on the youngsters to create a memorable experience. Santa's appearances can take place anywhere – indoor or outdoor – and require no special technical/theatrical elements to make the event a success. Any place where children and their families gather is the perfect venue! Santa has appeared at malls, theaters, hotels, business establishments, schools and clubs, libraries, public parks and private parties in Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles. The concept was developed by Larry Carpenter, a professional Santa. He has appeared as Santa at Navy Pier in Chicago and some of the largest malls in America. Through his experiences as Santa, Larry realized that children had wonderful questions and he wanted to find a way to answer them all. “But at Christmas,” Santa says, “I am so busy and the season is so hectic that I barely get to talk to the children. This summer, I hope to meet and talk to children from around the world in a way that I cannot during the holidays. I am looking forward to having lots of fun and bringing joy to all.”

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Year-round Santa Claus, including Santa’s Summer Vacation & Santa Explains it All, a Town Hall Meeting, etc.

Larry Carpenter / Santa Claus

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