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Kylen is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Dancer. Kylen was born October 15th, 1998 in Chicago, Illinois.

Kylen’s love for music began to grow at a young age as he would watch artists like Chris Brown, Usher and Michael Jackson sing and dance on TV. His mother, recording artist Faisha would sing in worship teams and play Gospel music in the home, and his biological father sang in an R&B group called 3 PIECE in the early 2000's.

This caused Kylen to quickly develop musically as a child and he would soon begin to emulate the dance moves of Chris Brown & Michael Jackson, and would perform riffs and runs he heard from various Gospel and R&B singers. As a young teen, Kylen was a student at a local performing arts school called Mama’s Birds who’s founder is SandyRedd, and he began to take acting and singing lessons at different organizations. There he honed his musical talent and skill, and began writing, producing, dancing at a higher level, and recording songs.

In those years, Kylen encountered and gave his life to Jesus Christ and in his late teenage years, he began to make music for Him. Aside from Kylen's multi genre sound, he is well known for his uncanny ability to effortlessly sing and dance simultaneously on stage during a perfomance.

Set List

Walk On Water
One sided Breakup
Everything to Lose
I Won’t Die
You Got Me
Sin No More
Keep Me Company
Transform Me


5 stars out of 5
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