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Blues and R&B
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KING KC is a Chicago Native Versatile Artist who inspires listeners with music for all generations. From a very young age music was always part of a strong connection to how he interpreted the impacts of the world. He is a very gifted songwriter taking thoughts and imagination and turning them into music that touches people's souls. His music speaks of inspiration and motivates sending a “feel good” feeling to his fans. Perhaps most can describe King KC's music as a turning time of the new generation with old-school messages. He writes, sings, and produces R&B, Afrobeat, and Hip-Hop music he is versatile and can do it all!
King KC is currently working on several projects one of his main projects streaming platforms now is his Album “Good Vibes Only” which was released in January 2023. He also released in 2024 several new songs such as, “Big Mad and “I Don’t Know”. King KC's work ethic for producing music, creating and directing music video is all about engaging in teaching his fans.
His album “Victory” won him 2 nominations for Best Songs Played by DJ at venues. and Hottest Artist in Chicago at the 312 Music Award and Illy Wards in 2023. His most popular song called, “One Life” is one of many in which he expresses his grind and struggles and tells his fans to keep elevating! 2024 King KC is working on his sixth album called, “Energy” which will have new music and collaborations with key major artists. He started his own Company named, Chosen Enterprise in 2020 and along with his Manager/Promoter works on business skills and social skills in teaching artists skills to take their career to the next level in music.

Set List

  • https://youtu.be/5Ye5gu96C-g?s

King KC

5 stars out of 5
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