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Jalen Romell is a singer songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and poster boi for Urban Folk and anti opioids. This young musician known around Milwaukee’s budding music scene continues to amaze fans and create dimensions and layers to his artistry known as Urban-folk. After a good debut album entitled “Believe It” Jalen has added depth to his sound. Jalen’s freshman album “Believe It” was a soulful, gentle, edgy and refreshing album as it went against current trends of folk and r&b. Songs of love, heartbreak, separation, acceptance and passion filled this album which is still opening a few eyes to Jalen’s uncanny talents. Jalen’s debuted video from “Believe it” was “That Feeling”, directed by Emmy Award winning film producer Brendon Carter ( ex. Gene Simmons Family Tree). “That feeling” carried an anti opioid message and support for loved ones struggling with dependency from pills, while the albums title track “Believe it” addresses social unity and rebuilding. Jalen has remained dedicated to social change, love and unity. He continues to writing meaningful lyrics and develop this universal sound that reaches fans of folk, R & b, hip hop and pop. Urban-folk, guitar leading a rhythmic composition of hip hop kicks and snares, percussion or maybe an occasional trap roll. The combination of these unlikely ingredients makes for a great canvas for Jalen Romell’s soulful vocals and substance. Jalen has won over fans with performances at events and festivals such as Brady Fest (Dry Hooch), Milwaukee’s Washington Park Band shell with Charles Walker Band, Chicago’s Uncommon Ground near Legendary Wrigley’s Field and Soulful Sunday’s at Milwaukee’s Art Museum under the Brise Soleil. Open yourself up to this uncommon blend of folk music, soul, urban and rhythm that is undeniably good to listen too. Jalen’s sophomore album “White Walls” Ep, is a self written, co produced album that delivers more of that Acoustic flavor with a kick of that youthful vibe that’s extremely popular with this

Set List

  • How Can I Get Over You
  • I Can’t Be
  • Best friend
  • Believe it
  • Sunday morning
  • Stay with me

Jalen Romell

4 stars out of 5
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