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Nationally touring hypnotist, comedian and stage talent Patrick Boulanger, performs hilarious hypnosis stage shows, hypnosis demonstrations, stand up and computer generated game shows that can be customized to the clients' theme.

There are many instances where our clients have me me perform a hypnosis stage show or a stand up and a Game Show Mania event. These "combo" shows are unique and pack a lot of entertainment value.

All the hypnosis shows, stand up routines and Game Show Mania events are family friendly unless specifically requested to have more of an adult theme.

Everybody loves game shows and these games are loosely based on TVs favorite shows and brought to life anywhere, anytime.

They are also designed to be played tournament style to give everyone a chance at the action and not just a lucky few.

The game line-up is:

Jeopardy like game called “Pick Your Doom” = Up to 10 players/teams play at a time as they choose questions from a game board containing 6 categories, 5 questions each. Each question is often customized. Some of the questions also often contain crazy physical challenges that bring a whole new life to the event. The crazy physical challenges are a whole host of things like; spinning invisible hula hoops around their waists, forming a conga line around the venue, etc. These bring physicality to the game show experience and is very amusing.
Family Feud like game called “Family Duel” = Up to 2 players/teams play at a time as they guess answers to questions that have been surveyed. This and other games are set up to play tournament style.
This allows all the teams to play within the allotted entertainment time frame. There's a professional podium that the players compete against each other with, and that brings a reality to the game much like the tv show.
Wheel of Fortune like game called “Spin to Win” =Up to 3 players/teams play at a time as they use their lock out buzzers to stop the random popup clouds (instead of the wheel) containing point values that roll across the screen. After choosing consonants and buying vowels the win goes to whoever guesses the phrase that is being spelled out throughout the game.
Hollywood Squares like game called “Tic, Tac, to Win” =Up to 3 players/teams play at a time as Tic Tac Toe meets trivia. Another game capable of containing hidden crazy physical challenges.
Deal or No Deal like game called “In It to Win It” = 1 person or 1 team compete against the game, complete with a banker that calls in offers. The latter of the games is the only one that has a programmable outcome. 
This is often used to creatively give people or teams prizes, bonuses, etc., with the thrill of chance because they don't know the outcome is rigged in their favor.
There is an illusion of a Banker that calls the host, programmed into the game and I play that up to make a very amusing experience for our players.
The stand up routine is so flexible, it is great for all events. I've hosted "roasts" and helped to write jokes for the other participants. 
I have also had audience participation shows as well.

Whether it's a hilarious comedy hypnosis stage show, a more intimate hypnosis demonstration, a stand up routine, a speaking engagement or a Game Show Mania event, HS Shows will captivate, inform and or entertain your group with memorable experiential fun.

Game Show Mania & Comedy Hypnosis Shows

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