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“In a barrier-breaking experience, you’ll find that art MOVES.“

Inspired by her history of performing arts, Emma's Art Moves style combines her history and love of performance and dance with her career and love of visual arts, breaking barriers of what is typically seen as separate and celebrates multiple senses in one mesmerizing dance art. This work, along with her other styles of art, explores the idea of feeling allowed to take up space and fully immerse oneself in the emotions of music, dance, and visual art. 

“Those who experience this work get to take it in multiple ways: seeing the dance in person, listening to the music I’ve specifically chosen and gotten permission to dance to, watching the filmed performance after, and viewing the finished art after the song is complete,” she says.

“I combine planned choreography upon studying the song with improvised moves inspired by the themes, lyrics, and musicality of the song. Each color I choose to be in the painting specifically reflects an emotion or theme that I receive from the song and add them into specific moments of my dance. This is a fully thought out project, but I intentionally leave space for myself to react and respond to the music in the moment of the performance, encouraging those who experience it to leave space for themselves as well.”

Emma has performed her Art Moves performances for both public and private audiences, and finished paintings have been exhibited throughout multiple shows. In February of 2024, she will dance her Art Moves for her largest audience yet of 1,000 attendees at the Tickled Pink gala in Chicago. Clients have the opportunity to include the finished painting in their package.

Let her art move you.

Emma Lyons Art

5 stars out of 5
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