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Echoing the roar of Chicago's Blue Line and the vivid graffiti alongside, Eighties Slang will grip you with their retro-inspired, colorful, electro post-punk rock. With an analog wash of pulsing, arpeggiated synths and jarring guitars that revolve around a melodic, thick rhythmic foundation, Eighties Slang sounds like what outcasts in 80's movies thought the future of rock would sound like. They will leave you raw with their emotions, delivered in clever songwriting and earnest vocals. They have released 3 EP’s (Shark Magic, Fake/Loop, Tinted Window) and 1 single (Just a Start), and have played at Chicago’s House of Blues, Reggie’s Rock Club, What's Blooming Festival, Tonic Room, The Burlington, Elbo Room, Silvie’s Lounge, Quenchers, Uncommon Ground, and several under-the-radar events and parties. Eighties Slang's single, “Just a Start”, is featured in the indie feature film When Jeff Tried to Save the World, starring Jon Heder and directed by Kendall Goldberg. "Eighties Slang goes on to cement themselves in the Chicago punk rock scene. The EP is a collision of sounds and colors that culminates with a maelstrom of synergy... a recognizable wash of iridescent melodies filled with light and colors, Shark Magic is a stirring release." - Divide and Conquer

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Covers: Everything I Wanted, Billie Eilish – Just Like Heaven, The Cure – The Killing Moon, Echo and the Bunnymen – Last Night, The Strokes – This Must Be the Place, Talking Heads – Love Will Tear Apart, Joy Division Originals: – Fake Blues – Play It on Loop – Don’t Call Me Out – Impossible Me – Lower Wacker – Blood Letters – Claim on You – Just a Start – Shampoo – By Your Side – Backseat of a Limo – No Regrets – Cigarette Life – Old Virginia Line – Lost & Found – Sweat and Ambulance – Undertow – Privileged Boyz – Headspace – Bloodletters – Everyone Will Die in Ohio

Eighties Slang

4 stars out of 5
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