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Ego Mechanics is a two-piece rock duo hailing from Chicago, Illinois. They use a combination of melody and raw power to craft songs that call back to the glory days of instrument-based DIY musicianship. Influences from alt-rock heavyweights like Jack White, The Black Keys, and Arctic Monkeys can be found within the creases of their music. Ego Mechanics released their debut EP “Wreck” in October of 2016, a collection of raw blues rock songs that only scratches the surface of what this duo is capable of. In December of 2017, they released a single "Burnt Orange" that sees them elaborate upon their gritty sound while making room for expansion. A follow up record is in the works with Grammy award winning engineer, Chris Steinmetz and is due in early 2019.

Set List

  • Keep It in Mind
  • Moonlight
  • Dies Ombré
  • Worship You
  • Burnt Orange
  • Wreck
  • Sky
  • Solid Gold
  • You'll Figure it Out
  • Doormat Waltz
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Old Cat

Ego Mechanics

4 stars out of 5
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