Timothy Triplett

House Music/R&B
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Timothy Triplett
Founder Of: High Soul Deep House -Chicago
Member of Respect The Groove - Chicago
Resident of Sanctuary - Chicago

Music has always been a major part of Timothy’s life, but House Music has been the force and driving light within his soul.
Timothy has been a huge fan and follower of soulful music since he was a child. In the late 80’s, engaging sounds of Funk and R & B, from artist, such as Loose Ends, Frankie Beverly and Maze,The Gap Band and The Police. ultimately developed the love affair that grew into a full-blown relationship with his love of music.
Timothy’s journey through music started in grade school. Timothy’s love for music took a life of it’s own, when he purchased his first vinyl record and searched for more sounds that were pleasing to his musical ear gate.
As music took on various genres and styles, there was one genre that truly stuck with him. The name, the energy, the movement, the space it commanded found music lovers and embraced them for years to come. This soul-surging genre embraced Timothy and he embraced it back. The name ultimately took on many different styles, but there was no mistaking the name; House Music.
Timothy fell in love with House Music.
After years of just enjoying the music and using it as an outlet, Timothy finds that the music is not only intoxicating, but it has been his inspiration.
He grew with House Music as it crossed International waters. Moving from Chicago to Detroit, San Francisco, New York City, Toronto, South Africa, Mexico and then on into London and Paris.
Even though Chicago holds the title of the Originator’s of House Music the world has embraced the energy and has ‘fallen’ in love with it just as Timothy has.
As House Music has taken its rightful place in the music world, so has Timothy, as a ‘Bringer of Music.’ He has played in local venues and festivals in Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, Houston San Diego, Pheonix, Los Angeles, International venues, such as Playa Del Carmen Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico, Tulum Mexico, Cape Coast Ghana. Timothy is included as one of the ‘Bringers of Music, with Respect the Groove – Chicago, Chicago Camp and many others from different parts of the country.
One of Timothy’s favorite quotes is, " Let the music guide you and take you where you need to be."
He states that he will continue to 'bring', entice, tickle and Groove the eardrums of those who listen, but most importantly when he plays the music for others or listens to the music for himself, its always a movement...
High Soul Deep House. A Higher Plane Of Music.
Your Soul Goes High - Your Music Goes Deep..


Timothy Triplett

5 stars out of 5
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