Crescent Circus: Magic and Circus Arts

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The Crescent Circus fuses international award winning magic, stunning circus arts and wildly interactive comedy in an enthralling show to engage and energize your audience. With performances everywhere from Las Vegas to London’s Magic Circle Theater and appearances on The Tonight Show and HBO, Nathan and Morgan use these experiences to deliver a one of a kind performance that will keep your audience talking about your event for months to come. So what’s in it for YOU when a magician and circus artist combine forces? In a single show you get to dazzle your audience with spectacular displays of skill as knives whirl through the air. You get to fill your room with laughter as audience members become hilariously entangled in upside-down juggling stunts. You get to watch your audience members' jaws drop as performers transport themselves in less than a second and are seemingly divided in two. You get to create a memory for an entire room of people .

“Wow, I see why you’ve gone so far with your magic!” — Ryan Seacrest

“Even weeks after the conference we’re still receiving emails from our clients about how much they enjoyed the entertainment!” — Stephanie Lass, Central Access Corporation

“We absolutely loved you both. Thank you for making our event a huge success…That was priceless!!!” — Denise Medlen, Platinum Capital Advisors

“Thank you for making ME the star for finding YOU!” -Diana Gill, Immunodeficiency Foundation

Set List

  • Magic
  • Circus Arts
  • Interactive Comedy

Crescent Circus: Magic and Circus Arts

4 stars out of 5
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