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Chicago Soul Company- Soul, Rhythm & Blues Band

Blues and R&B
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Arthur Conley knew all about the glorious, irresistible power of “Sweet Soul Music” when he sang his immortal hit in 1967. The sizzling, unforgettable smashes of Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, and Otis Redding defined ‘60s Southern soul as it came rampaging out of Memphis and Muscle Shoals, the region’s two soul capitols. Add in the funky sounds of James Brown, Jr. Walker, Ray Charles, Solomon Burke, and countless more greats based all across the country, and it’s quite apparent that the 1960s produced more classic soul than one decade should ever be able to claim.

That’s the kind of timeless, endlessly grooving music that Chicago Soul Company specializes in. Nine pieces strong with a blazing horn section and skin-tight rhythms that make it impossible not to make an immediate beeline for the dance floor whenever you’re in the band’s vicinity, Chicago Soul Company is firmly committed to dishing up that kind of red-hot ‘60s R&B in a live show setting—not to mention all the electrifying onstage excitement that was always an integral part of it.

For the best in sweet soul music, Chicago Soul Company is where it’s at!

Chicago Soul Company- Soul, Rhythm & Blues Band

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