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Casual Abstinence band

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Casual Abstinence was formed way back in 1989 at Niles West high school. We entered  “Battle of the Bands” and haven’t looked back.

Today we are an all grown up Rock and Roll band that prides ourselves in playing unique covers that are not commonly played but from bands that are known and loved.

think ….

the Stones, Mellancamp, Lenny Kravitz, the WHO, REM, U2, the Cure, Tom Petty, Oasis, the black keys, Sublime, Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Led Zeppelin, Simple Minds and much more.

we love to interact with our crowd and play songs they get people moving and singing along. We are a high energy band that has played 3 1/2 hour sets.

we have played at Wilmette fest, Greek Fest, sausage fest, whiskey River, underground cocktail club and private events as well.

we are booked this summer at BUB City, Rosemont, Toadstool in Highwood, Cary’s lounge, Wilmette fest 2023, and whiskey River again.


Casual Abstinence band

5 stars out of 5
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