Cassandra Lynn and Good Company

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Cassandra Lynn and Good Company brings a high energy show! We deliver soulful pop while taking you on a journey.  We will have you listening intently to a heartfelt ballad and in the next song have you up and busting some moves.



  • The emotional connection between an artist and their work is evident in Cassandra’s heartfelt performance. Every lyric she sings carries a part of her soul, making “Song Bird” an authentic representation of her artistry. Through this release, Cassandra aims to connect with her listeners on a profound level, evoking emotions and resonating with their own experiences. - KRAZYFI News
  • The way the artist describes her feelings, thoughts and emotions is outstanding and done so with an almost welcoming form. Lynn's music can be subtle and soft. Almost like lullabies, they whisk you away to another place for moments at a time and it's quite nice. The best art is that if you really like "Do You Know" you will like her other releases as well. She has this staple sound that is friendly and feels like a hug from a loved one. Also, that honesty is always right on the fore front which is refreshing. - RAG MAG

Set List

Our set is a combination of originals and reworked covers in our own soulful style.


Instrumental Intro 

Take Your Time 

O Me O My

I Just Want 

Beautifully Broken


Nobody’s Baby

Do You Know

Just Be There

Cassandra Lynn and Good Company

5 stars out of 5
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