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Carlo L Grimelli Born and raised in Chicago at 6 yrs old made his first recording at Hoffman Studios in Chicago playing the accordion. He started playing the guitar at 11 yrs of age and was in his first band at 13, The Guill-o-Teens were around for about 7 yrs . Carlo moved on and landed with the rock band Together they did very well toured the midwest and landed a studio agreement with The Chicago Sound Factory Studio  //  Ferris Wheel Records they did 1 album and 3 records, after 7 yrs the band was done ,Carlo bounced to a lot of different bands and then started writing it became his passion. Carlo has written over 200 song and is still at work. Education: Queen of Angels, Gordon Tech H.S, Wright College, Chicago Tech, Kirkwood College IA Business. Carlo has 5 cds out  3 are on CD Baby. CarloAcousticman is currently working a new projects.

Set List

  • All Slips Away
  • Went Wrong
  • Can You Hear Me
  • Slow Walk
  • Sitting Here With You
  • The Song
  • This Old Train
  • When It Rains It Pours
  • Like Superman
  • Staring at the Moon
  • Walking South
  • Corner Jam
  • Pandora

Carlo Acoustic Man

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